Treatment For A Sprained Ankle: Helpful Tips For A Faster Recovery


Were you participating in your favorite sport when you suddenly sprained your ankle? Unfortunately, injuries are quite common among those who play sports. There is always a chance of tripping, falling down, spraining something, or even breaking something. If you are currently in a great deal of pain, there are a few different things you can do to ease the discomfort and ultimately get help for the ailment.

Use a Combination of Homemade Hot and Cold Compresses

As soon as you experience discomfort, it is best to sit down and apply a cool compress to the area. You can make your own ice-packs by adding water and Epsom salts to sandwich bags, placing them in the freezer and waiting for them to get frozen. Leave the homemade ice-pack on your sprained ankle until it is no longer cold. Once you have finished applying the ice-pack to your ankle, you can begin soaking your feet in warm water. The cooling sensation of the ice-pack can reduce some of the inflammation and the heat from soaking your feet can provide a soothing sensation so that you do not feel as uncomfortable as you did when you first became injured.

See a Podiatrist for Treatment

Although some people may believe it is not necessary to see a medical professional for a sprain, you should always have your ankle examined by a podiatrist. You can talk to the podiatrist about how you ended up with this injury in the first place. The podiatrist may need to complete a full examination, checking to see if your ankle is extremely swollen, changing colors, or causing you excruciating pain that is hard for you to deal with. It may even be necessary to have an X-ray done so that the podiatrist can make sure the ankle is not broken.

Once you have completed your visit to the podiatrist's office, he or she may want you to start undergoing physical therapy sessions. These sessions might reduce some of your pain while helping you improve your ability to use the ankle the way you once did before you became injured.

Begin Drinking Anti-Inflammation Smoothies

Even after visiting a podiatrist and receiving any treatment he or she may have recommended, there is something extra you can do as a way of trying to reduce the inflammation. You can consume smoothies for breakfast or as a snack during the day. These smoothies should contain fruits and vegetables that are known to help reduce inflammation, such as pineapple, spinach, and blueberries. After you start drinking at least one smoothie a day, you may feel like it is helping you recover a bit faster.

Sports injuries can happen to anyone. If you have sprained your ankle while participating in your favorite sport, make sure to apply a cold compress and some heat to that area of the body. You should make an appointment with a podiatrist for additional treatment and you may even want to begin drinking anti-inflammation smoothies regularly.

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8 February 2017

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When I developed tendinitis of my foot and ankle, my podiatrist helped me on the road to recovery. An over-use injury from the job caused me considerable pain in my foot and ankle. Ice, elevation, rest, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory relieved my inflammation of the tendons. My podiatrist also prescribed physical therapy, which helped restore my mobility. Gentle stretching exercises performed during physical therapy seemed to have a positive effect. I was shown how to follow up these exercises at home. After several weeks of following doctor's orders, my podiatrist was happy with the results. The bottom line is if you're suffering from foot pain or injury, you should see a foot specialist as soon as possible because treatment options are available.